Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Story with the Prinicpal

Today, Mrs. Cooney came into our room and read us a story called, "Are You a Horse?" It was a very silly story, and we loved it. We also loved getting to know our principal. We also had our counselor, Mrs. Hayes, come in for our weekly counseling session. She has been talking about a cat named Chester who is dealing with bully's. First, Chester has a "cold" response towards some bully's. This means he got upset and cried. Then, he had a "hot" response. This means that he got angry and yelled mean words at them. We learned that neither of these responses are good. Mrs. Hayes had the students make Chester puppets. One puppet showed a hot response and one showed a cold one. Next week, we will be learning about a third response.

A friend holding up her Chester puppets
Mrs. Cooney reading to the class in her cool cowboy hat

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