Monday, October 11, 2010

The Library Dragon

Mrs. Baker read, "The Library Dragon" to the students in library. This is a great book about a librarian that is a dragon. She guards her books very fiercely, but eventually realizes that books are for kids too. The students learned ways to take care of books and keep them safe just like the library dragon did. Then, the students made shields to "protect" themselves from the library dragon's fire. At the top of the shields, they wrote their initials. Then, they drew a picture of their favorite book on one side of the shield. On the other side, they drew a picture of someone treating a book badly. Then, they drew an X over the picture, so they remember it's a "no, no, never, never." When they were finished, Mrs. Baker taped string to the back, so it would work just like a shield.

Making their shields in library
A friend holding up her finished shield

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