Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Kissing Hand and Our Names

Our school's literacy coach, Mrs. Lee, came in to do a special lesson with us today. She read the story, "The Kissing Hand." It's about a raccoon named Chester that's going to school for the first time. He's scared and crying, but his mother gives him a kiss in the palm of his hand. She explains that he can look at his hand when he is missing her and remember the love she has for him. After the story, Mrs. Lee gave each student a paper with a picture of Chester on the front and the back. One side said before and the other said after. Mrs. Lee asked the students what Chester was doing before his mother showed him the kissing hand. They told her he was crying. Mrs. Lee gave them a paper tear, and they glued it on the "before" side. Then, they put a heart sticker on the "after" side because he felt love in his heart after he learned about the kissing hand. Lastly, Mrs. Lee gave every student their very own kissing hand.
We also did a special art project with our names today. I gave each student a strip of paper with their name written in bubble letters. They colored in their name with crayons. Then, we used watercolors to paint over the strip of paper. They turned out really great and they loved it!

Mrs. Lee reading "The Kissing Hand"
A friend showing off her kissing hand
A few of the names that are currently displayed in the hallway

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