Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Umbrellas and a Spirit Stick

We have now learned about the letter U and words that start with U. One of the words we learned about is umbrella. We made some umbrellas using cupcake wrappers and pipe cleaners today. It was a little scary for me because we used liquid glue, but they did very well. :-) I think they turned out great! They are now proudly displayed in the hallway with our P's.
I also wanted to share about a special incentive program we started on Friday. We have a spirit stick that a lucky student gets to carry when we are in the hallway (a different student every time). They earn lassos for walking in the hallway quietly and for doing well at specials (music, P.E., library, etc.) When the spirit stick is all covered with lassos, we will get a special party. Then, we will start all over again. They are very motivated! Lastly, we had another friend celebrate their birthday. Happy 5th Birthday T!

A few of the students umbrellas
A friend holding the spirit stick - Look at how many lassos we have already!
The birthday boy

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