Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Probability and Junior Achievement

We did a probability lesson in math using Starburst jelly beans. The students worked with a partner. Each set of partners was given a cup with 2 purple jelly beans and 1 orange jelly bean. The partners took turns closing their eyes and pulling a jelly bean out of the cup. Then, they recorded which color they got on their worksheet. When they were finished, they counted how many jelly beans they got for each color. Then, I asked students which color of jelly bean they pulled out the most. Of course, most of them got more purple jelly beans. We discussed why. I also asked them what they thought the results would have been if we had 10 orange jelly beans and 1 purple jelly bean in the cup. They thought they would have pulled out orange the most.
In the afternoon, we had Junior Achievement again. Today, Miss Gardner talked about money. They were thrilled when she gave them a scratch-off bookmark and a penny. They used the penny to scratch-off the bookmark, and they found a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter underneath.

A small clip of 2 sets of partners playing the probability jelly bean game in math

Scratching off her bookmark
Here's what they looked like when they were finished scratching:

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