Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread Glyph

We have started a gingerbread unit for the holidays. We are reading all different kinds of gingerbread stories and comparing them with each other. So far, we have read:
1. The Gingerbread Boy
2. The Gingerbread Girl
3. The Gingerbread Cowboy
We are also doing lots of fun activities with all things gingerbread. Today, we made a gingerbread glyph. First, we cut out our gingerbread boys/girls. Then, we followed these glyph directions:
1. 5 years old - green eyes
6 years old - brown eyes
2. Boy - green triangle buttons
Girl - orange square buttons
3. Do you dip you cookies in milk?
Yes - 2 buttons
No - 3 buttons
4. What is your favorite type of milk?
Chocolate - Draw 3 stripes on the arms and legs
Strawberry - Draw 2 stripes on the arms and legs
White - Draw 1 stripe on the arms and legs

Lastly, they got to draw a mouth, nose, and hair to finish their gingerbread boys/girls.

Here are some of them with their "friends":

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