Friday, December 17, 2010

Gingerbread Hunt

Today, we went down to the office to meet those gingerbread men. However, we were too late. They had already left, but they left us a clue. It was a picture of a piano. We knew right away they must have headed to the Music room. Those gingerbread men kept getting one step ahead of us, but always left us picture clues. The clues led us to many places in the school.
1. Music room
2. Library
3. Gym
When we arrived in the gym, Mr. Ziekle told us that he saw those tricky gingerbread men running down the hall to our room. We quietly crept down the hall. When we walked into our room, the cookies were at their seats! They left each student a special note. After we read the notes, we enjoyed those cookies.
In the afternoon, we played a fun game called, "Roll a Gingerbread Man." Each partner took turns rolling a dice. After they rolled, they looked at the directions to see what the number indicated they draw. For example, if they rolled a 3 that meant they should draw a face. The first person to complete their gingerbread man won.
Some kids drew maps for the hunt - Here they are with their maps before the hunt:
Holding up her partially eaten gingerbread man
Eating their gingerbread men
The whole class holding up their notes from their gingerbread men
Playing "Roll a Gingerbread Man"

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