Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Having Fun with a Parachute in P.E.

Today, we played with a parachute in P.E. for the first time. Mr. Ziekle taught them how to make a mushroom in the air. Also, he taught them how to make a merry-go-round. They even practiced switching directions. Lastly, they played popcorn with the parachute. Mr. Ziekle put balls in the middle of the parachute, and the students shook the parachute and "popped the popcorn". I tried to be tech savvy and filmed this with my camera. Unfortunately, I did not get them popping the popcorn, but I did get some other great clips. Enjoy the 2 video clips and some pictures. As you will see, they did a wonderful job following directions and it was so much fun!

Here are the 2 video clips:

Making a mushroom
Shaking the parachute

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