Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weighing Easter Eggs and a Birthday

In math, we weighed plastic Easter eggs on a balance scale and compared their weights. I put different items inside of the eggs, but I didn't tell the students what was inside of them. The eggs were labeled A through D. First, we placed egg A on one side of the balance scale and egg B on the other side of the scale. Then, we talked about which was heavier. We continued to compare all of the Easter egg's weights. I would always shake the eggs first, and ask the students which egg they thought would be heavier. After we finished comparing the weights of the eggs, I showed the students what was inside. They realized why egg A was always the lightest because there was only a cotton ball inside. They also realized why egg D was always the heaviest because there were 6 marbles inside of it. There was a counting bear in egg C and a foam dice in egg B. We really enjoyed the lesson, and they are doing a great job comparing weights on a balance scale. We also celebrated a friend's birthday today. She brought in very colorful birthday cupcakes for all of us to enjoy. Happy Birthday J!

The birthday girl
The birthday girl and a friend from her table enjoying the cupcakes

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